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Benefits of Insulated Concrete Wall Forms
insulating foam board
Insulated concrete wall forms (ICF) are lightweight, innovative and low cost alternative building materials. These alternative building materials differ to wood framed or concrete based homes. The unique interlocking design of the ICF alternative building materials are not only good for the basement and the foundation, but for every floor of your home. Insulated concrete wall forms are fast becoming the most popular form of new home construction in North America. One of the main reasons that homeowners are using these alternative building materials is for their basements. In cold climates, energy experts state that, 40% of a home's heat loss is through the ground. Insulated concrete wall forms used in basements will keep more of the warm air inside of the home. Currently, in North America, residential basements claim about one-third of all insulated concrete wall form sales.


Reasons to use Insulated Concrete Wall Forms
sound insulating foam Here are some reasons for the growth and popularity of the alternative building materials insulated concrete wall forms.
  • Alternative building materials reduce heating costs and provide home energy savings up to 75% over traditional heating costs

  • Greatly reduces furnace or air conditioner requirements

  • Its compressive nature helps reduce foundation cracks from freeze and thaw cycles

  • Fire Protection; a cement foundation is less likely to burn

  • Soundproofing; helps reduces outside noise pollution

  • Alternative building materials mean no dealing with unseasoned lumber or steel studs

  • Alternative building materials provide easily maintained, clean and quiet job sites

  • Environmentally friendly alternative building materials

  • Alternative building materials have a higher resale value

  • Less fire spread than wood frame; Safety up insurance down


Issues With Insulated Concrete Wall Forms
polyurethane insulating foam There are some issues when dealing with insulated concrete wall forms Insulated concrete wall forms might add an insulation value towards your home, but it does not add protection from water infiltration. You cannot just spray on a coat of tar on these alternative building materials as you could with a regular concrete foundation. The tar might eat away at the foam and destroy your ICF. When waterproofing alternative building materials, you will need to ensure that you have used an ICF friendly form of waterproofing.

Insulated concrete wall forms generally have several more ties than standard concrete foundations do. Pouring concrete into insulated concrete wall forms requires the proper concrete mix and slump combined with the careful vibration of the concrete once it has been poured. Concrete being poured into insulated concrete wall forms have several obstacles to work around such as pipes, form ties, doorframes and window bucks. When concrete is poured into the insulated concrete wall forms, the concrete may segregate causing voids, honeycombs and or rock pockets. Vibration of the foundation is of the utmost importance in the construction of your concrete wall forms. Since you cannot see these voids, it's important to consider the waterproofing that will help protect your ICF alternative building materials.


Waterproofing Insulated Concrete Wall Forms
insulating foam board
Due to the harmful nature of some spray coatings, foam concrete wall forms membrane is fast becoming the preferred choice of the waterproofing of insulated concrete wall forms. Unlike a spray coating the membrane is considered alternative building materials. It is not harmful, doesn't emit any V.O.C's and is 100% environmentally friendly. cement concrete wall forms
polluted concrete
wall forms

insulated concrete wall forms
non polluted
concrete wall forms


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