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Insulating Concrete Forms
green building design
The insulating concrete forms industry has grown substantially since 1997. More and more builders are using these green building materials for their homes. Currently, there are over 25 different manufacturers of insulating concrete forms in North America and each has its own variation in design and types of green building materials used.
Insulating concrete forms are a great source of green building materials as these energy saving systems save money, help keep your family safe and warm without damaging the environment. Insulating concrete forms cost a little more than a typical concrete foundation wall. Just 2 of the benefits of insulating concrete forms are:
  1. Increased house insulation. Green building materials such as insulating concrete forms, save you money on the heating and cooling of your home.

  2. Environmentally friendly green building materials Insulating concrete forms are made in an environmentally clean process. These green building materials emit no dangerous chemicals or V.O.C's (Volatile Organic Compounds)


Insulating Concrete Forms and the Environment
green building coalition The construction of your home with green building materials greatly reduces the need of our precious natural resources. They replace lumber used for wood framed construction and reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat or cool your home. These green building materials are made in an environmentally clean process. No chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are used in the manufacturing of the form and a large percentage of the plastic or wire ties are made from a recycled material. Using green building materials that are energy saving products, such as insulating concrete forms, will provide plenty of home energy savings. They put extra money in your pocket while protecting the environment.


Green Building Materials Quick Facts
green building industry When it comes to green building materials there are a few things to remember:
  • Solvent based coatings, like asphalt or rubber, can be highly explosive and contain non green building materials or V.O.C's such as exilene, naphtha, paint thinner, ammonia and toelene.

  • If non green building materials are used for waterproofing a foundation, they may seep into the surrounding environment making site conditions volatile, hazardous and environmentally unsafe.

  • Water and solvents or non green building materials don't mix and can cause a huge mess if haphazardly released. The E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) can fine thousands of dollars to the person or company responsible for a spill.

  • Green building materials save the environment and make your home safer for your family


Waterproofing Insulating Concrete Forms
green bay building contractors Due to the harmful nature of some spray coatings, they can actually eat the foam off your green building materials leaving your insulating concrete forms damaged while lowering the r-value and leaving the concrete bare and exposed.

So, is it possible to have green building materials as your foundation and waterproofing while providing your home with the protection it needs?

The answer is Yes!

insulating concrete form prices dimpled membrane provides the ultimate protection for insulating concrete forms and at the same time is considered green building material itself. It does not contain, and is unable to, emit any V.O.C's, dissipate into the soil and affect streams, creeks or local wildlife. In addition, not only is it made up of 30% recycled material, but any extra left over in the manufacturing of the membrane is put then put back into the machine and remanufactured minimizing waste, like making a pie crust.
green building blocks allows your work site conditions to be environmentally safe and 100% environmentally friendly. Builders, waterproofing contractors and do-it-yourselfers use and prefer our membrane because it does not cause environmental concerns or problems with the E.P.A.


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