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Insulated Concrete Forms
insulated block
Insulated concrete forms are an alternative building method to conventional methods such as wood-based construction and concrete home construction. The method of building plain concrete walls is labor intensive and requires the use of forming materials. The advantage of concrete home construction over the framing of wood houses is its amazing strength and durability, however it's a poor insulator and requires a separate furred out wall with insulation to achieve adequate thermal performance. Insulated concrete forms provide a way to get the strength advantage of concrete while increasing the insulation of your home.


About Insulated Concrete Forms
insulated glass block The best insulated concrete forms use high strength concrete and reinforced steel to add extra structural strength to the insulated concrete forms. This allows the insulated concrete forms to have superior performance and the ability to withstand high wind and fire. When building a concrete foundation, insulated concrete forms are ideally suited for the many different applications such as, cast-in-place concrete walls, non bearing walls for foundations, below grade walls, exterior above grade walls, sound walls, residential commercial and industrial walls, retaining walls and radius walls. Exterior finishes such as stucco, acrylic or cementitious, can be adhered directly to the foam. After the concrete has set, the insulation can be easily cut to allow concealed placement of plumbing and electrical lines.

Insulated concrete forms are a factory molded foam insulation that may be made from pure foams or cement composites.

  • Pure foams can be expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polyurethane or polyisocyanurate. Most systems use expanded polystyrene (EPS). Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is available only in flat board shapes and is therefore, not used in any block-type forms or other shaped molded forms.

  • Cement composites may be a combination of foam and cement (always EPS) or wood and cement. Although insulated concrete forms (ICF) are identical in principle, the various brands differentiate widely in their shapes, sizes, cavities and component parts.


How Insulted Concrete Forms Work and the Costs
insulated blocks
The way the insulated concrete forms work, is through the use of lightweight hollow foam blocks with interlocking tabs that allow the forms to self-align without mortar. Once the foam foundation is in place, it's reinforced with concrete. When the concrete has been poured into the insulated concrete forms and has hardened, the forms are left in place and provide lifetime insulation and sound barriers.

Insulated concrete forms retail for a slightly higher cost than traditional concrete foundation methods. The prices for insulated concrete forms range from about $1-$4 per square foot. However due to the insulating properties of the foam, you will continually save about 25-50% per month on your heating bill.


Waterproofing Insulated Concrete Forms
insulating concrete block
Spray on waterproofing requires a protection board on the ICF due to its softness. Without a protection board, the spray on coating can literally eat the foam off the insulated concrete forms and decrease the life expectancy of your foundation. It could also leave a permanent unprotected path or area for moisture and water to enter your foundation.

insulated concrete block Dimpled Membrane provides the maximum protection for your insulated concrete forms and is fast becoming the preferred choice for waterproofing insulated concrete forms. insulating concrete block can be fastened on any type of insulated concrete forms quickly, easily and in any weather condition. If water/moisture gets behind the membrane during the application or if the membrane is applied on a rainy day, it will not matter as the water simply falls down the air gap to the drain tile for removal. In addition this guaranteed waterproofing system keeps the wet soil off the face of the foundation wall eliminating 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure. It also provides the entire foundation with a permanent barrier from moisture or water entering your basement while allowing internal moisture to escape. insulating a concrete block wall provides your insulated concrete forms with the important protection they need so your insulated concrete forms can do their job of saving you money.


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